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Friday, November 12

List of Dofollow Forum with Page Rank: Part-1

Sector: Link Building

Dofollow forums are the best for promoting your site and getting backlinks. Friends, I am sharing a list of Dofollow forums along with its page rank which will help you to promote your site and get quality backlinks. While making link from these forums you have to do this:
       i). Sign up in the Forum.
      ii). Post topic and take part in discussions.
     iii). Leave your link in your comment or speech. 

***Do not go leaving your link in all the topic of discussion you posted or you took part. I would suggest leave 6 link in 10 comments or discussions.

***Try to visit each forum everyday to remain as an active member because some forum deletes their inactive member regularly. If you think it’s tough to visit each forum every day, visit them once a week at least.

Here is your wanted list:

Page Rank - 1                                                 - 4 Forums

Page Rank - 2                                                 - 19 Forums

Page Rank - 3                                                  - 70 Forums

Google keeps changing page rank so the mentioned page rank may have changed. But not to get concerned, all this forums have their own individual page rank.  So keep up with these forums. All the best for you. Hope, I will be able to provide you with more Dofollow forums with higher page in upcoming parts of this article. So visit again to get them.


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