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Sunday, December 5

Best Way to Promote Your Site: Blog Commenting

Sector: Site Promotion

Blog commenting best way by which you can promote your site. It’s very simple. Moreover anyone can do this having a little knowledge about English. It’s nothing but you have to post your opinion on an opinion bar after reading an article. You are free to say anything as your pleasure. 

There are millions of blogs where you can comment.  So you don’t need to think about the resource. If you go to Google and have a search with word that is related with your blog, at least 500 blogs will be displayed to you.  

How to do this?  Below every article, you will see a place to comment. There you will find two categories: one is simple and other is complicated. 

i). While commenting you will be asked to fill out all the following sectors: Name, Email, Url (Website) and massage or comment (Your opinion on the article). Your main work is just to put your site link on the Url box. You can also add your link in your comment.  
ii). In complicated one, you will have to write your comments and choose your option how you would like to comment. Here you can comment using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Name and Url even without using them.   

Link building or SEO whatever you want you can get them both from this part. It’s like two birds from one stone. Let’s see how it’s done.

Link building: You can leave your link in your comment. The link will be shown in your comment. If anyone clicks on that link, he will be redirected to your site. So your site will be visited and promoted on the same time as well. As the blog is acting like a backup, the blogs link will be counted as your Backlink. The more backlinks you have it’s better for you. 

SEO: After leaving your link to a site, it will create a Backlink for you. Backlink creation makes the search engine to notice your site. Your site being noticed will be available while searching. Take my link and give a search, you will get it in the first page or search ‘friendlyassistance’, my blog will come in the third position. Isn’t it great to see my blog in the first page!!!   So get yours now.    

That’s all. Comment at any blog or website or forum. But do it. In my next article I will tell you how to make sure your comment gets published. Catch me there.


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