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Monday, November 15

List of Dofollow Blogs with Page Rank: Part-2

Sector: Link Building

As promised I’m here with more of Dofollow Blogs to assist you in your work. Guys this time page ranks are of more value. So grab it.

This article continues from part one. Part one is also valuable for you so you must check it. To see the part one please Click Here.

While building link, you must remember the following facts:

*** Never build more than 10-20 links a day as you are doing this in an unnatural way. Google prefer natural link building; so if they find out that you are doing this in an unnatural way than this link can decrease your page rank instead of increasing it. So be careful. 

*** Got worried!!!! No tension. Here is a tip for you.  To avoid problem with Google, copy the link and paste the link in Google search box. Then go to your desired site from search result. Again don’t try to make more than 200 links a day. 

Here goes nothing but a precious gift for you.  Please accept:

Page Rank - 4                                                - 36 Blogs

Page Rank - 5                                                          - 20 Blogs

 Page Rank - 6                                                          - 19  Blogs

I took me many days to collect them. There a blog can be mentioned twice or thrice. Please consider this as my mistake and keep working avoiding this fact. Google keeps changing page rank so the mentioned page rank may have changed. But don’t worry, all this blogs have their own individual page rank.  I suggest you to keep pace with these blogs. All the best for you. Hope, I will be able to provide you with more Dofollow Blog with higher page in upcoming parts of this article. So visit again to get them. So keep building Quality Backlinks.


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