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Friday, November 12

Quality Backlinks: How Can I Know My Backlinks are Quality Backlinks?

Sector: Link Building.

Guys this article is not a fancy one to fascinate you but this will help you improve your basic and clear your idea about link building. So keep reading and be enriched.

Backlink is a basic concept for site promotion and to get traffic. It’s very hard to get your expected traffic without having multiple backliniks for your site. You can get them by many ways although all of them will not meet up your expectation. The backlinks which will meet your expectation are QUALITY BACKLINKS.

If you are a site (blog, website or forum) owner, you must make backlinks. Tell me, “What you expect from your backlinks?” If I’m not wrong, then:

                i). They will promote your site.
                ii). They will bring visitor for your site.
                iii). They will help you get your site a good position in SEO.
                iv). They will be followed by various search engine.
                v). Finally, they will assist you in getting higher page rank.

The backlinks which can provide you with all the mentioned facility, are considered as quality backlinks. But how can I know my backlinks are of expected quality? Quality backlinks must to meet up some demands; like:

*** They will not be from Nofollow sites as no follow can meet up your one or two expectation but not all like they can bring you visitor but they do not concern about page rank or SEO. To be frank your backlinks must be <rel= “Nofollow”> free.

*** Your backlinks must be from Dofollow sites like Dofollow blogs, dofollow sites or Dofollow Forums.  Only dofollow backlinks can meet up all of your expectations boasting your traffic and so on. 

*** The page where you are leaving your link must have a page rank (from 1-10). The more page rank the related page has, the better for you. For example: Site with page rank 6 or higher is visited by 5000 visitor daily. So if you leave your link there, you can hope that at least 50 people will notice your link and 10 people will click them daily. So if you have 500 backlinks from such sites, you can get 500 visitors for your site per day.  

That’s all. Hope now you understand what quality backlinks are and how valuable they are. So keep making quality backlinks for your site. Good Luck with your work.


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