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Thursday, November 11

All the Way You Can Promote Your Site

Sector: SITE Promotion

Every site owner has a view about promoting their site. But he has to think about the best opportunity that will promote his site to a great extant but free of cost. SEO is a buzzword in this sector. Via Search Engine Optimization, you can get your wanted traffic but not to the fullest expectation. This can be the first and foremost way but there are other mandatory and revolutionary ways to promote your site without cutting any of your budgets.

In this article, I am telling you about site (blogs, forums, sites) promotion ways which can cost you or can be free for you as well as for individual or business types. As there are many ways, I have only given simple clue about them. On my next articles, I will try to elaborate them so that you can have a clear idea about them. On their importance and value, they are shown in from top to bottom format:

Web Content Optimization - Content is a watch word for a website. If your website is optimized for search engine, it is definitely going to be noticed and started getting traffic and links.

Link Building - Links are a must for your site. They are so crucial for online visibility not only to the search engine eyes but link from good relevant sites can bring you targeted traffic and get noticed.

Forum Posting - Forum posting is a greater way to promote a site. This is the place where people with same intention hang around, so to get noticed you need to engage in threads asking question and answers related to your topic.
Commenting - Comments on review sites and blogs is another way to do a promotion. If you comment and engage in a conversation in blogs which is relevant to your industry chances people will visit your website.

Blogging - Blogging is a newest but most effective way as out there every business is getting into this new web2.0 marketing technique. Blogs are commonly known as web logs where visitors can engage in a conversation. 

List Building Email promotion - List building or email list building is a good way to bring visitors to your website, if you provide a newsletter subscription or free advice on your niche you have the right to ask for the visitors email address and name which can be used for future promotions.

Article Distribution - Article syndication is one of the best and cheapest ways to promote your website. There are hundreds of article directories out there to promote.

Social Media - This is the new craze among marketers Place like Face book, MySpace, Digg and Stumbleupon can bring in tons of traffic if you promote it properly.

Local Search - If you website is local based then you can submit your Local Search databases like Google, Yahoo and MSN local as well as other local directories.

E-books Marketing- E-book marketing is a great way to achieve popularity of your website, if you can offer free tips and ideas via e-Books which can be downloaded for free it can create a viral effect.

Classified Ads - Classified ads online through,, Squidoo, Hubpages is another way to promote your website.

Online Press Releases -Online Press Release or press statement is a perfect way to attract media attention or publicity for products and services of your business.

Freebies - Giveaways and Freebies can attract a lot of attention as well as links from other websites. If you can create a unique tool or useful free product online it can get noticed and drive traffic to your site.

Unique Ad Creation - Pay Per Click Campaign is all about how you create a good ad, the more unique the better, A well written ad gets attention of the search engine visitors and will click on your add.

Sponsored Reviewing - A review about your website is another way to promote your website or blog. There are several blogs and website that does this.

Online Contests - Facilitate and run contests on your website can get viral if people willing to participate in contest will spread the word through their website and blogs.

Video Marketing - Videos are an effective way to promote your website. If you can broadcast relevant videos related to your industry visitors will folk to your website.

Affiliate Marketing - affiliate, reseller, and associate programs will allow your products and services to be listed on other websites which increases sales.

Joint Venture - Same Target Customers and Partner Up With other online marketers who share the same niche you can sell your products to their list as well visa verse. But doing joint ventures you can get targeted traffic.

Banner Advertisements - One of the oldest forms of online advertisement to get noticed online still it works if you can create a eye-catching banner add

Sponsored Links - Search Engines hate this but still you can get a sponsored link weather it is do follow or no follow on high traffic relevant website it is a great way to promote a website.

Testimonials - A strong guarantee makes it safe for prospects to give you a try. A customer who is indecisive about your product or service may go ahead and give you a try if there's no risk. The guarantee will push many customers "over the edge" when there's doubt about making the purchase.

Podcasting - Podcasting your website content is another way to promote your website. Your digital media files which are distributed over the web would be downloaded into media players and listeners will follow your website.

Interviews - Finally if you an expert in your niche and you have a long time experience you can offer interviews in different websites and blog which will give more exposure to your website.

If you can utilize these methods then I hope you can promote your site more than ever did. All the best for your site promotion. If you have any confusion or any question, feel free to ask via comments. I will be glad to answer your questions.


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