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Monday, November 29

Make Your Blogspot Blog Look like a Real Website

Sector: Blogging

I don’t like to say this but I have to say. When anyone visits a free blog like blogspot or blogger, he shows an ego towards these blogs. Whether you agree with me or not, they think a free blog “So cheap!!!!”  Even if your blog has valuable content, it’s not being treated like own domained blog. So what to do? The answer is simple, “Make your free blog look like a real website”

First, post at least 15 unique articles. They must have enough information on the topics they are formed for. I must commend you bound them between 200 to 500 words. Try to use Keywords in your article.

Secondly, try to add more gadgets in your blog. Thus it seems that your blog is enriched one. I can suggest you these gadgets as a must: Google Search, Followers, Recent post, popular post, Subscribe to, Previews, Personal information. If your blog has photo content in it, add Slide Photo.

Then, don’t add all the gadgets in only sidebar or under header or above footer. Make them place all over in your blog. In this way, all portion of your blog will seem equally important. This would give your blog a unique view.

Next, try to create more pages than Home Page only. Multiple topic based blog is more suited for making extra pages. If your blog is based on a single topic, create pages like My Motto, About Me, Blog Specialty, Contact Me etc. They will give your blog a view that’s as same as the blog you desired.

Finally, try to add various ads from Google Adsense or Bitadvirtz or sponsored ad or ads from various sources.  

I can say this will promote your blog and attract your visitors. If you have any confusion, you can read all my articles in blogging sector. I am sure this will help you to be a better blogger.


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