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Wednesday, November 17

Page Rank: Why is this valuable?

Sector: Google Adsense

Page Rank is a parameter that indicates importance of a webpage on the net. Most often it is called PR in short. Mainly Google and some other search engine like Alexa give a site its page rank. Among all these page rank, the rank made by Google is most important. We can know how important a page only by knowing Google Page Rank.

It is easy to understand as it sounds but the facts of page rank are not so easy. Even it’s quite complicated to understand. I will try me level best to make you understand about page rank.

Page rank is counted considering three bases: 

i). Search Number:  Google counts how many times the page is searched via search engine or the keywords related to the page is searched. If the page is visited from the search result, the page gets even more points.  

ii). Total previews: Secondly the preview of the page is counted which means the number of total visit. The more preview the page has, the more it is close to get a greater page rank.

iii). Number of Backlinks: Google also counts your backlinks. It is a must for getting page rank. Google counts how many links you have on others page. Google does not count all backlinks, it only counts Quality Backlinks. Google has the power to track your links. You need a certain amount of backlinks to attain a certain page rank. I will provide a list of this on my upcoming articles. So watch out for that.  

Note: Google does not give page rank to all sites (blog website, forum). They only give page rank to those sites which are registered to its search engine. Same goes for the other search engine.

After acquiring all three bases, your page will be ranked by Google. Google ranks its pages from 0 to 10. Having more page rank makes a page so valuable. Don’t think it’s so easy to attain higher page rank. For example I can say, Yahoo the search engine of same quality as Google, has a page rank of 9 not of 10.  

Page rank does not only increase but also decrease. Is there any reason? Yes, there are some specific reasons for that. I will be discussing this topic in my next articles.

You can check page rank of a site instantly from the mentioned link:

So we can say a page with higher page rank is mostly visited and more popular. This was all about page rank in short. Please get my next article to get full information about page rank. That’s all for today


  1. this article was cooler than you can say. Well done

  2. I know about the word pagerank but as you elaborated it so i'm very glad. thanks no doubt that this article was meant to be an explaining one. I got all thatn you wanted to say.