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Sunday, November 14

Google Adsense: It’s Totally Legit; Neither Fraud or Scam

Sector: Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a word what you here now and then. May be you know about it or not. If you don’t know then a question arises in your heart, “What is Adsense?” Today I am going to discuss about Google Adsense about you.

There is hardly anyone who has not heard about Google. Adsense is a sub program of Google.  It is designed in such a way that you will work for Google assisting them in advertising. In exchange, they will give you a related percent from the revenue you helped them to get. 

 *How it works?
=> Google will provide you with ads for your website, blogs or forum. Then all you have to do is to post those ads in your site and wait. If any visitor clicks on those ads, you get money for their click. The more visitors you have, the more click they will make. Thus you earn more money. 

 *How can you get ads from Google Adsense?
=> First you have to have a blog or site or forum. If you have one, you have to apply for ads from Google Adsense by making an account there with a Gmail id. So should have a Gmail id. When you will apply for ads, Google will monitor your site for 24 hours. Then if Google thinks your site is well adapted for Adsense, they will accept your site and give you ads. 

  *What makes your blog more fit for Adsense?
=> To get Adsense, your site must have some quality. Like: your blog must have some unique content that makes your blog special, content must be friendly with the sector for which Google provides ads; it must be visited by people everyday.

 *How much you can earn?
=> It’s not limited. It will depend on your content and number of clicks made by the visitors. You can earn $0 or even $10000. It all depends on your working quality. All I can suggest you that make a site that will attract visitors and make then come again and again.

 *How will you be paid?
=> If your Adsense account reaches its maturity, Google will issue a cheque to your address provided by you. You will get cheque once in a month.

 *Is it safe?
 => Of course, it is. There is a lot of scam in internet but if there is only one legit way to earn money from online then this is Adsense. So don’t even try to doubt it.

That’s all for today.  Hope I was able to let you know about Google Adsense in this short speech. Next time I will try to elaborate it with all I have got for you. More will be on the upcoming topics. Please visit again to cope up.   


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