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Thursday, November 18

Make One Visitor Five Visitor

Guys I’m going to tell you all about a cool tip today. May be old bloggers know this but this tip is a must for all new blogger to know as they don’t get enough visitors in the beginning. So they must know how to multiple their visitors to get enough visitors at least so it seems.

To multiple your visitor, you will have to do nothing but to give a little effort. Follow the steps to do so:

i). First, you must post at least 5 articles with different topic from different view so that it would seem that they are not linked to each other. But you must try to keep a link between them so they can gather in the same plat form.

ii). After publishing the articles, go to your blog. Click on the title of the article and then copy the URL of the page. This URL is a direct connection to that specific article. Then paste this URL in a Microsoft word file. Now you have to make clickable keywords (the words in which you can click and after clicking a new page opens).

iii). Creating clickable keywords is easy. Choose a word that describes your article or relate to the article and it will attract people. Then follow the steps:

Go to Posting. Write the word and select it. Now click on the Link option in the toolbar. A mini window will open. There you will see an option Link to. Choose Web Address option between Web Address and Email Address. Now paste your URL that you copied earlier. Then click ok. Your clickable keyword is created.

iv). Now copy and paste this keyword to a word file and try to preserve as you have to use it again and again. If you write any new article try to put these keywords in your article, they will be clickable.

v). Decorate the keywords in extra colour which will suit them keeping balance with your blog. As my blog background, I prefer red colour. You can have this example from one of my article named From Zero to Hero:

You have to know how to do Blogging. If you know how to do Blogging, make a free blog. Try to post at least 10 posts that are unique. Then you have to promote your site via Site Promotion or Link Building. This will take you at least 15 days to do so. By the time, you will have more than 50 visitors per day. Now it’s show time.

Look here all keywords are well noticed and attracts others. I have used four keywords in a single Para as I got the chance. So don’t miss yours. Test one by clicking and you will see the result. Make yours like these.

vi). Try to put more and more keywords in your article. If a visitor comes and clicks on three key words like these, you can count him equal to three visitors. The more they click on, the more your site is being promoted.

Hope this tip was helpful. Keep working. I am sure that you will be greater than I am.



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