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Tuesday, November 16

From Zero to Hero

Sector: Blogging & Google Adsense

‘Give and take’ the world is happening following this motto and moving forward. To get something, first you have to cut some budget or make some sacrifice. Isn’t this a little bit cruel? Isn’t there any other way?

 Yes, there is only one way. Study??? No guys. It takes 10 to 15 valuable years of your life as well as it’s hard to classify this in my mentioning way. What I am suggesting you is free blogging and Google Adsense. Let’s move on.

Google provides free blogging facility in some site like blogger, blogspot, Google Adwords and so on. You will find there are many sites which are also providing this kind of free facility. All you have to do is to make best use of this facility.

You have to know how to do Blogging. If you know how to do Blogging, make a free blog. Try to post at least 10 posts that are unique. Then you have to promote your site via Site Promotion or Link Building. This will take you at least 15 days to do so. By the time, you will have more than 50 visitors per day. Now it’s show time.

You should apply for Adsense now. If you ask me, I think it’s better to apply for Adsense after one month. You should have some primary knowledge about Google Adsense. After you apply for Adsense account, your blog will be observed by Google for 48 hours. When this waiting period is over, hope you get what you wished for. If you get Adsense, let the world go to dogs. Now try to keep up with your blog and keep sleeping. Coz, while you are sleeping, you are earning then as well.

If this way a little effort can make you A HERO form zero. You can earn from $10 to $10000 depending on your working quality and popularity of your site. I will suggest you to read all my articles about Blogging and Google Adsense so that you can have a clear idea about what you need to do. 

As I post article everyday, you can enrich your knowledge by visiting here everyday. If you can cope up, I can assure you of your success that is waiting for you. Good wishes while you are trying to become a hero.


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