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Sunday, November 14

Remember You Are Blogging, Not Writing a Dairy

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Blogs are a new concept in internet world. It has become very popular recently.  Nor I single person in the world do not know about them. Its popularity is reaching the sky like skyscrapers. 

Blog was introduced for a specific purpose. I would like to say Blogs are open dairy which anyone can read. It had a similar aim like Facebook. Blogs was introducer so that you can write about recent activities with details. Even if you are out of home, city or country, your relatives can know about your activities through your blog. 

But today the aim of blog has totally changed. You can hardly find a blog like I described now. Blogs have taken the place of affiliates as you can advertise for your product, service, organization, community and so on via your blog.

A blog can earn you lots of money as well. To wonder, I can you tell about some people who earn $10000 from their blog. You may have these basic ideas to make your blog like them:

               i). Don’t just go writing anything because remember you are blogging, not writing a dairy. Write something creative which will attract other people to visit your blog.

              ii). Always keep balance between your blog title and posted article. If are unable to do so, visitors will treat you as a fraud. So keep that in mind.

             iii). You must think and plan about your blog from a business view. Read whatever you say, I will suggest you not to waste your valuable time which can give birth to some penny.

             iv). You must have some ideas about Site Promotion. If you can’t do that then it will take your blogs years to get your expected popularity. Start promoting your site right from the moment you create your blog.

That’s all for nw. Will give you more in next article. For now, KEEP BLOGGING


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